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Our Mission Statement & History


Our goal is to support and celebrate the rich culture and importance of Israel, proactively changing the world's perspective on Israel. We started in our own Tampa Bay area in 2006 by bringing together like-minded people from different walks of life.


In 2011 we decided to widen our outreach to Central Florida and in 2012 we continued our expansion with the goal of bringing  attention to our mission in the United States and the world.  As a result, the Tampa Bay Committee to Bless Israel was birthed.

We live in a day when pressure and world opinion (even in America) are markedly coming against the country and the people of Israel. Rather than complaining we sought to foster real change with prayer, fellowship and events. It was important to let the community know that there were others who desired to support Israel.

We developed a brand to raise awareness in the community about supporting Israel. The brand alone lets us see the little country on the large continent of Europe. Our brand can be worn as a lapel pin or on clothing. This successfully encourages all who see the logo to bless and celebrate Israel.

Shortly before the 2nd Lebanese War in 2006, the Tampa Bay Committee to Bless Israel officially began by sponsoring an outdoor event in Lakeland, Florida and an indoor event in South Tampa. We raised over $15,000 to assist the victims of terrorism in Israel.

Bless Israel USA, Inc.


Becky Kobel
Ron Leef
Mary Dee Michael
Pastor Matt Moore
Rabbi Steven J. Weiler

Messianic/Christian artist and ordained minister Joshua Aaron leads a group with praise and worship music at the Save A Child's Heart Project in Israel after they received a check from the Bless Israel USA Board.

Joshua Aaron also led praise and worship music at the Bless Israel USA 2013 Tampa Bay Event. You can visit Joshua's website at

Bless Israel delivered a check to the Save A Child's Heart Project in Israel in July 2013 on behalf of the Bless Israel USA Board. The funds presented were from the donations taken at the 2013 Bless Israel USA Tampa Bay event.

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Original Founding Committee

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