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Serving close to 500,000 residents in the Central Mediterranean Region of Israel with a unique combination of in-patient and public health services, Barzilai Center is responsible for supervision of all clinics and child healthcare centers in the Ashkelon Region.  The Center also conducts Israel Ministry of Health activity, including sanitation certifications and provision of comprehensive diagnosis and treatment in different hospital clinical departments. Affiliated with the Faculty of Health Sciences at Ben-Gurion University, the Center carries out a wide range of research projects in cooperation with leading medical and educational institutions in Israel and abroad.

Bet Elazraki Children`s Home was founded in 1969 to help children in great distress. At that time, 40 children were fortunate enough to find a haven at Bet Elazraki. Today there are 240 children from all over Israel at the home. Children live at Bet Elazraki due to family violence, drug or alcohol abuse, mental illness, abandonment, or a combination of these issues. Bet Elazraki graduates have had tremendous success. All have gone into the army or National Service, or continued to higher academic studies, and many have married and have healthy families of their own.

“Safeguarding Civil Rights, Freedom of Religion & Social Justice in the Nation of Israel.” The driving force behind the Jerusalem Institute of Justice is simple: the pursuit of justice in Israel - and for Israel. “In our view, the essence of true justice is to be a voice for those without a voice.” For this reason, JIJ has adopted various marginalized communities in Israel including Holocaust survivors, Lone soldiers, Ethiopian new immigrants, human trafficking victims, refugees, migrant workers, abandoned children, and members of minority religious streams. JIJ acts as a voice for these people groups by both gathering and distributing direct humanitarian aid while providing legal and public advocacy on their behalf.

4.  TENTS OF MERCY: Located in Kiryat Yam, this is an Israeli based humanitarian aid center meeting the practical needs of the poor: short term housing, apartment search, employment counseling, food, clothing, household items and baby supplies.


The Hatikva Project is an initiative of Promise Keepers, and is established to support the poor, oppressed and needy among the body of Messiah in Israel, and to serve their community."

A happy group stands outside The Barzilai Medical Center in Israel after they received funds in July 2013 on behalf of the Bless Israel USA Board. 

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